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About Fantasy Baseball

Paid Fantasy Baseball Leagues can be played online on a website or on the mobile App where the registered user gets to manage a roster of AL (American League) or NL (National League), baseball players, by selecting their own baseball fantasy teams. In playing fantasy baseball leagues money users can use the players’ real-game statistics to compete and score points.

How to Play Fantasy Baseball on
Game Of Guru platform?

Want to know where to play fantasy baseball? If you are searching for fantasy baseball leagues money, You have come to the right place. Game of Guru is the right place to play fantasy baseball for cash. Here are the instructions on how to play it on the Game of Guru platform.

  • Size of the League: For beginners, the best way to start is to play with the 8-team league on the Game Of Guru platform. The rule is to choose a roster of all-star players or new fresh players depending on the chosen league, to make your own team.
  • Drafting for the team: How to play fantasy baseball on Game Of Guru starts with the selection of the team.
  • Scoring: The fantasy baseball points scoring system on Game Of Guru can be done:

Points scoring system: The points are awarded to your selected roster for production. In this scoring system, the focus shifts to the individual player’s performance. If the player performs to their maximum potential more points are scored and carries the team to victory, but if they underperform the team takes a hit. The categories are added to the tally with endpoints like Quality starts, Holds, and Sacrifices. The total points can be used for your advantage in tie-breaking situations during playoff time. The schedule is always set on the real-life opponents playing on the field in a season. The declared winner or champion is the one who has the best record at end of the season.

Current Baseball leagues on Game of Guru?

MLB Major Baseball League which comprises 15 American League and 15 National League i.e, total of 30 leagues will be there. If you are interested in playing weekly fantasy baseball leagues, you must download our fantasy MLB app.

Fantasy baseball points scoring system on Game Of Guru

Fantasy MLB Points

Home Run4
Fly Outs1
Stolen Base2
Ground Outs1