Top 15 Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks to Win [Underrated]

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Fantasy Cricket is one of the most played games in the country. As the world continues to evolve, fantasy cricket platforms such as Dream11 and Game of Guru are providing the goods in the fantasy cricket world. While there are a number of fantasy platforms in India, the basic idea is the same.

One needs to pick the perfect eleven for a particular game with only minor tweaks from one website to another. Although there are a lot of matches taking place on a daily basis, the basic fantasy cricket tips and tricks remain more or less the same. Before we go into the finer details, let us understand the basic concept of fantasy cricket.

The basic idea of fantasy cricket is to pick eleven players in a particular match. However, there are certain rules and regulations one must follow to pick a balanced team.

Upon picking a fantasy team, you get to choose a captain and a vice-captain, who give you x2 and x1.5 points.

While picking a well-balanced team is a priority, choosing the right captain or vice-captain could win your contests. With a good fantasy cricket team locked in, you can join contests based on your investments and complete with other fantasy enthusiasts.

However, there are a few online fantasy cricket tips you should keep in mind before selecting a team. Walking along the same lines, here are the top 15 fantasy cricket tips and tricks to win money in fantasy cricket.


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#1 Picking Players From The Playing 11


The most basic of the fantasy cricket trick is picking players who are playing in a particular match. While it may seem simple at the time of reading, you might not have the luxury to change the team at the time of the toss. While most fantasy cricket apps indicate whether the player is playing or not, you can get such information through other cricketing websites such as SuperFantasyLobby as well. Picking a player who is injured or not in the eleven means going into a contest with only ten players rather than eleven, which isn’t ideal.

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#2 Understanding Pitch Conditions


Pitch conditions play a major role in any match. You need to identify whether the pitch is a high-scoring one or a low-scoring one. Depending on such information, you could balance better between picking more batsmen or bowlers. Another major aspect is the amount of spin and swing on offer. While most subcontinent pitches are more favorable to the spinners, green turfs offer more carry and help for the pacers. While such information isn’t readily available, you can get valuable information from fantasy cricket tips apps as well.


#3 Understanding Weather Conditions


Picking teams with bad weather on the forecast is a troublesome affair. Although you might have the perfect team and set-up for a full game, rain throws all those plans out of the window. Fantasy users should keep track of the weather conditions beforehand. In some scenarios such as matches in England, there will be overcast conditions, which could offer more swing to the bowlers. Knowledge of the weather conditions could take you one step closer to winning a fantasy contest before the game even begins. You can find such relevant data on fantasy cricket tips app and or websites that provide fantasy cricket matches info and tips.


#4 Form vs Potential


While a player’s form is a better metric in a fantasy platform, one needs to strike a balance between form and potential. Fantasy users make the glaring mistake of picking the players who perform in the previous game without hindsight. Identifying the player’s potential and the opponents is also quite necessary before picking a fantasy team. You cannot pick a spinner, who has picked three wickets in the previous game, on a pitch that has no turn on offer. Backing players who are out of form could also be a great ploy in winning money on the fantasy website.

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#5 Balancing a Fantasy Team


Picking the perfect fantasy team on Game of Guru or any other platform doesn’t mean picking the best players on paper. You need to balance between the batsmen and bowlers to get a perfect team. Think of yourself as the coach of a team with the sole agenda of picking eleven players who you think would perform on that given day. Think of match-ups. If a particular player had a bad record against one team, you could opt for another reliable candidate. You can tinker around with your squad regulations and players as well. Never has a player won a fantasy contest by choosing all the big names which make balancing the side all the more important.


#6 Top Order Batsmen vs Middle Order Batsmen


More often than not, top-order batsmen account for most of the run-scoring. Walking along the same lines, it is preferable to have at least two batsmen who feature in the top four of a batting order. In case of a high-quality batting surface, it wouldn’t make any sense to pick batsmen who feature at number five. At times, you may have to shuffle around to include middle-order batsmen as well, especially when the new ball swings around. As already mentioned, identifying the weather and pitch conditions will give you a better perspective on whom to back in the side.


#7 Toss


Toss is a great leveler in cricket. Although one might not have the best of knowledge on the sport, it is easy to say that the toss gives a team an advantage. Although most platforms didn’t allow fantasy team changes after the toss, the current system is a lot more flexible. Upon the toss, one can get a clearer view of the batting order, personnel and who holds the advantage in this game. By identifying such fantasy cricket matches info and tips, you get a head start on your opponents. Fantasy cricket requires a lot of skill however patience is as important in such cases.



#8 Batsmen vs Bowlers


One of the biggest dilemmas is whether we have the right number of batsmen and bowlers in our fantasy team. Depending on the overlying conditions, a balance must be brought within the fantasy team. While some players tend to pick more batsmen, this ploy doesn’t hold good in case of a more even contest between bat and ball. Ideally, one would want to have four outright batsmen, four outright bowlers and two all-rounders in addition to a wicket-keeper. However, fantasy platforms such as Game of Guru and Faboom provide flexibility through which you could even pick five batsmen or an extra allrounder depending on form and ability.


#9 Bonus Points


It is common knowledge that you get points if your selected player scores boundary or takes a catch during the match. Although the bonus isn’t quite a big number, it can make a huge difference at the end of the contest. Picking big-hitting all-rounders such as Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes, who are also quite handy on the field is an ideal ploy. They consistently contribute in all three facets of the game which adds more perfection to your fantasy team. Additionally, wicket-keepers are also a handy inclusion in Test matches where batsmen usually get out caught behind the stumps. Although during the match it won’t matter much, the accumulated bonus points tally could have a say in the final outcome of the match.

#10 Bowlers who guarantee wickets


While picking batsmen could be a hard affair at times, there are certain bowlers who consistently deliver with the ball. Although the major focus is mostly on the batsmen in fantasy cricket sites, the bowlers can also win you fantasy contests. The form does have a say in bowlers more than the batsmen with rhythm being the key metric. Picking at least one frontline bowler is a must in the side with Mitchell Starc and Jasprit Bumrah guaranteeing wickets in a match.


#11 Choosing your captain and vice-captain


Although a fantasy team requires all of its players to perform for a win, the importance of choosing the right captain and vice-captain is understated. The captain is awarded double points whereas the points of vice-captain are multiplied by a factor of 1.5. Choosing the right batsman, bowler or all-rounder for the multiplier options could kill the contest at the start itself. Although there aren’t any specific cricket fantasy tips to choose a good captain or vice-captain, an all-rounder who bats in the top order is an ideal choice for the same.


#12 Uncapped Players:


Uncapped players and local talent help in balancing a fantasy team. While there are available for a lower price, such players can also make an impact if they are slated to bat in the top order and primed to complete their full quota of overs with the ball. It isn’t an ideal scenario when you prefer a batsman who bats at number six over a talented young opener. Reputation does have a say but cannot be rendered more important than talent. Not being afraid of picking uncapped players is a vital asset.


#13 Type of Fantasy Contest


The type of contest also plays a major role in the winnings. While most fantasy users will be attracted by the huge prize pots in the grand leagues, one mustn’t jump into such contests without confidence. Initially, two or three-member contests would do with the odds of winning being favorable. While many refer fantasy cricket tips for today’s matches regularly, you could bring out your cricketing knowledge in such cases and kickstart your fantasy cricket career.


#14 Bonus Codes


Investing money isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While some are capable of investing huge amounts, others may rely on small contests and work their way up. A good boost to such fantasy players is promo codes and season passes. Every fantasy platform provides bonus codes such as sign-in bonus and withdrawal bonus which gives you extra leverage. You can find an accumulated list of such codes on fantasy cricket tips websites such as SuperFantasyLobby.


#15 Multiple Contests


Joining multiple contests and creating multiple teams is also a viable option. While a single team offers a safer approach, it isn’t always comfortable to keep your eggs in one basket. Although such an approach would need more investments, you could make use of promo codes to help your cause. This is one of the underrated fantasy cricket tips and tricks and should play into your hand.

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