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Do you enjoy watching NBA Basketball League?

Now you can also take part in it. Using our Game of Guru online platform and mobile app you can create your team selecting best performing NBA players and Win real cash prize at the end of the match.

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We have planned your whole day, you just have to check the schedule of the NBA matches. Pick your NBA sports player according to your choice in every match, you can create your winning team and the team will help you to win the matches of the NBA.

Why Fantasy Basketball League NBA
in India is getting popularity?

India is a very big deal for the NBA Fantasy and it could help for both, India as well as the NBA. India is full of passionate and energetic people waiting for some new opportunities. There is a sports league for every major game whether it is Football, Cricket, baseball and Basketball in India.

Rules and regulations of Fantasy NBA – There is no specific set of rules in fantasy but there is a range of rule variations which include:

Number of Categories: there are three to eleven categories in this league include points, assists, and rebounds. The players are very well acquainted with the matches. You just have to pick the right one according to you. 

How Does Fantasy NBA Work?

Fantasy Basketball needs a team of 12 for the match. The players will help to win the points and the points earned by them will help to win the match on a daily basis.  

Rules of Fantasy NBA League:

Two teams take part in a match. Each team has a total of five players.

The player court has a rectangular shape and it is divided into two sections.

The team who controls the ball called offense and the other one is called the defense.

The five players have their positions as mentioned below:

• Point Guard
• Shooting Guard
• Small Forward
• Power Forward
• Center


You can assign the right player in the right position for the best performance.

After creating your team, just participate in the league to win money. The fantasy basketball is easy to win as it very safe and secure environment for the user.

Check the point system of fantasy NBA League

Fantasy score has been calculated with the score earned by their real-life matches and it depends on the team who performed well will be the winner.

For each point scored: 1 point

For each rebound: 1.2 point

For each Assist: 1.5 point

For each Steals: 3 point

For each Block: 3 point

For each Turnover: -1 point

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Download Game of Guru Fantasy NBA App Now!