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About Fantasy Football

Fantasy football was created for the fans of the beautiful game who can play their favorite game online on a web platform or a dedicated App. The lovers of the game can now choose their favorite players to make a match-winning team and join fantasy leagues and contests created by online Indian fantasy football gaming platforms like Game Of Guru. This is one of the fantastic fantasy football apps in India.

The registered users can create a team by selecting a team of 11 players from a pool of best current players of the game. They have the option to choose the Goalkeeper, defenders, and strikers in several matches winning combinations. If the Captain and Vice-Captain perform better than expected, the users get awarded with points.

The popularity of Fantasy Football in India

The Indian fantasy football game has been popular in India specially the Indian Super League (ISL). In recent times the game of Cricket has got popular and attracted both fans and sponsors, but the love for football has not waned. Unlike the other games, the user gets to create multiple teams and play in different leagues to better their skills and increase their chances of winning cash. Now, fans playing fantasy football India have an opportunity to play the game online through a website or mobile app and get to test their knowledge and skill about the game.

Why Choose Game Of Guru to Play Fantasy Football?

This is a newly launched Indian fantasy sports app in India. For the lovers of the beautiful game, Game Of Guru brings the best online platform to play Indian fantasy league for football and provides many opportunities to win cash. Anyone with the basic knowledge of the beautiful game can play the game online either on the website or by downloading our football fantasy App on their preferred Smartphone or device. The Game Of Guru platform gives registered users a safe and intuitive fantasy gaming platform to further their love of the game by making their team and chance to win points based on the players’ on-field performance. The user whose selected team accumulates the highest number of points is declared the ultimate winner. Game Of Guru fantasy football platform gives the registered player a chance to use their knowledge of the game and skills to actively participate in fantasy matches and leagues. So, this is the best mobile application to play football fantasy league India.   

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Is it Legal to Fantasy Football
Online in India?

The Indian Fantasy Football is legal in India. Registered users can play and win cash prizes using their knowledge and skills. The online football fantasy games do not fall under the PGA or Public Gambling Act. Users can have a perfectly safe and secure gaming experience playing fantasy football online. The game of fantasy football played online provides entertainment value and is not considered as gambling.

Football Contests and Leagues on Game Of Guru

Game Of Guru has packed with all the major leagues which are loved by everyone around the world. You can choose any contests in the Mega, Hot and Maximum Power.

Rules and regulations to play Fantasy Football on Game Of Guru

Game Of Guru platform provides a range of contests like those in the EFL fantasy football leagues, to make your play both entertaining and allow you to earn cash using your knowledge and skills.

Register by accessing the Game Of website or by downloading the App from Google Play or the Apple AppStore. Select a game to play free fantasy football or play to earn cash prizes. The user now gets the opportunity to play a broad selection of games and contests. They can choose free contests or play to win cash prizes.

Users can join a contest or league made by Game Of Guru and they can compete with other football fantasy platform users, or with their friends and win games and leagues. They have more chances to play matches in the various leagues active at any given time.

The exciting fantasy game journey by selecting a captain and Vice-Captain. Then the user selects a total of 11 players using the 100 credit points given. The user gets an opportunity to select their team of 11 players in 7 possible combinations, which would involve a Goalkeeper, and a certain number of defenders, midfielders and strikers. The selection of the Captain and Vice-Captain of the team is important because their real on-field performance would give the users extra bonus points. Points are added for the actions of the selected players for their attack and Defense. The points for Red/Yellow card fouls committed, and penalties awarded are also taken into consideration while calculating the points.

Game Of Guru platform allows the player to select multiple teams within the league of choice. The more the teams in a league the better chances of winnings. Get ready to select the best players as Captain and Vice-Captain, make the best team of 11 players and use your knowledge and skills to play online fantasy football on Game Of Guru.

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