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New Fantasy Cricket Site

Wishing you could play cricket but don’t have the time and resources? We here at Game Of Guru have a solution for your cravings. Our platform is the best place where you can play your favourite game, at your convenience, on your devices. It is as simple as picking your favourite players, making a team, play online fantasy cricket and win real cash.

Game Of Guru endeavours to bring the world of fantasy games to your smart devices. We try in earnest to bring the best of online fantasy games right to your fingertips. On our platform, you can play fantasy cricket and win real cash rewards daily.

We are committed to making playing fantasy games enjoyable and profitable for you, providing you with the opportunity to earn cash daily. We assure you that we are serious about our platform security and you can play online fantasy cricket confidently. So, power up your devices and gear up to play fantasy cricket and win real cash. You can read our guide on fantasy cricket tips and tricks to win money with ease.

Know About Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket can be played online through the website or the App, where the registered user can make a standard team of 11 players, choosing from a wide pool of players. It works on a point system and the user gets points for his selected team of 11 players, based on their real match performance. The calculation of points takes into account various factors like runs scored, catches, and wickets taken in the match.

The user just must choose their format and play an exciting game of online fantasy cricket, any time any place right on their device. The player also gets a choice to pick either to play a free fantasy cricket game or play cricket earn money.

The first step in the process of playing a fantasy cricket league is to pick a match, choose the players of each category and then select the Captain and Vice-captain.

The online fantasy cricket games are always fascinating.

Make Your Team

The user has the power and solely in charge of picking their best 11 players that make up the team.

Be rewarded for your skills

At the end of the game the user gets rewarded not only with cash rewards, but they also experience a sense of accomplishment.

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The Popularity of Fantasy Cricket

Not everyone has the time or means to play a game of cricket on a field. Fantasy cricket offers the same excitement and entertainment as a real on-field cricket match but with a team of the best players possible. 

With every game played on the new fantasy cricket site, the registered user improves on their skills and knowledge to pick the right team in every match. They can make up a team comprising of an accomplished Captain, Vice-Captain, Batsmen, bowlers, and wicket keeper.

Why Choose Game Of Guru
to play Fantasy Cricket Online?

The Game Of Guru Daily fantasy cricket platform promises to be a very intuitive and exciting interface, which promises to give you the same energy and thrill as the real match play. The online platform, other than providing unparalleled entertainment allows the registered player to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

The Game Of Guru platform is always active and you can play any time at your convenience. You just have to register which is a simple process. Registration can be done through your personal Google account or Facebook account, or with your email account and mobile number.

Some exciting features of Game of Guru



The words appears astonishing when it comes with money. Game Of Guru provides you opportunity to make a refund of your money before the end of the match without losing it.



This feature is a relief for the people who are late at decision making. If you made a mistake in team creation you can swap your team right before the starting and filling up of the contest.



With the help of this feature you can now edit your team after joining. This feature comes handy when there are ample of time for the starting of match.

Is it Legal to Play Fantasy Cricket Online in India?

Playing fantasy cricket online and earning cash is perfectly safe, secure and legal in India. Rest assured, our online platform through both the website and the mobile App, promises to provide a perfectly secure and exciting gaming experience. Play the Fantasy cricket games for free or play to win cash prizes and bonuses. Playing Fantasy Cricket online is completely legal by law and is not considered as gambling or betting. 

The Cricket Series on Game of Guru

Game of Guru has all the important and famous series except some which will hook the Players on the Platform.

How to Play and Win Cash on the Game Of Guru Platform

To play register on the website or try to download daily fantasy cricket App from the website using a number or Apple App Store. Pick a game from the selection of upcoming Cricket matches from T20s, ODIs and Test Series in both the domestic and international leagues.

The next step would be to select a team of 11 players with a total of 100 credit points. Pick a maximum of 7 players can be picked from any team, one team which includes the batsmen, bowlers, wicket keeper and all-rounders, then a Captain and a Vice-Captain.

The platform has two ways of creating the contest either by the user or by admin. If the user is unable to find any contest interesting they can create their own.

There are three types of contests.

One is based on paid and non-paid. Second is on the full and not full contest and the third one is refundable and Non-refundable.

A contest that is refundable/non-refundable can be full/not full but always paid.

A contest is non-paid can be full/not full. The refund policy does not apply to this.

Note: If a user joined a full contest and even if it is a 1 user contest and the contest was joined by 9 teams by separate users then after the match goes live all the users will be out of the contest. The amount will be credited to their Game of Guru wallet.

There are only two types of contest applicable to the user’s end.

The paid and non-paid one and the other is the refundable and non-refundable one.

Both the contest will have full features as it is necessary for these contests to be full.

The contest will have some categories like Mega Contest, Hot Contest, and Maximum Power contest.

The parameter of these categories will be based on some factors and it can be added by either user/admin.

If you have selected paid contest then you will be redirected to the payment page after joining the team. If you already added cash in your wallet then the amount will the deducted from your Game of Guru wallet.

Refund Process of the Fantasy Cricket

If you have joined the Refundable contest and you made the refund request either in the first or second inning of the match. You will be out of the match and a partial amount of your money will be reflected in your Game Of Guru wallet.

Win Money from the Fantasy Cricket and the Withdrawal

After selecting the contest and joining with the team you have to wait for the match to get live after the match goes live you can see your position in comparison to the other team member. After the match ends you will receive your money in your wallet.

If you want to withdraw your money you have to upload you PAN and other ID detail along with the withdraw request. There is a minimum limit of the withdrawal amount. After making the request you have to wait for 24-48 hrs. (excluding the bank and national holidays). First, your document will be verified and then you will get your money to your bank account.

** For more detail please visit the Transaction page.

To Know Point System of Game Of Guru Fantasy Cricket Visit Fantasy Point System Page

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