Redefining The Boundaries Of Success In A Fantasy Cricket App

Cricket is one of the most popular sports and it enjoys indomitable supremacy in the countries where it is played. This holds true in countries like India, where cricket is considered a religion more than a game. Cricketing superstars like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Virat Kohli enjoy a cult-like status in their home country. This popularity has contributed to the rise of fantasy cricket applications, and they are only set to grow bigger and better in popularity and revenue. The rising demand for fantasy cricket app development is a resounding testimony to the above fact.


The Indian Premier League


The Indian Premier League can be considered the EPL of cricket. It is the biggest franchise tournament in the game and it brings players from all around the world to India to play for their respective franchises. As if the popularity of cricket in India wasn’t enough, this series factors global superstars, making the reach and the craze soar to unprecedented heights.


The IPL is a perfect time for you to launch your own fantasy cricket app. This is an annual tournament and the 2020 edition of the game is set to happen during March and April. Therefore, creating your own cricket fantasy app is the right thing to do at this time.


Dream11 has already seen its success as a fantasy sports app. It has seen widespread adoption and engagement as well. However, it does not mean that there is no room for new players in the market.


The Factors Ensuring Success


The probability of success for a fantasy sports application is directly proportional to the fans and the levels of interest that they have towards the game. Taking that into consideration, there is a great possibility of success for any fantasy cricket application in India.


Dream11 has more than 60 million active users in India. The growth of fantasy sports app users was at a staggering 18 to 20%. It is expected to get better because of the increased mobile penetration, especially in countries like India. If we were to take into consideration the number of fans for each franchise in the IPL, it is quite evident that fantasy cricket has quite a lot of scope for growth. Dream11 has captured just 16 million of the 100 billion population in India. That is less than a thousandth of the total population. Even if we were to heavily discount the numbers to make room for possible fantasy cricket enthusiasts, there is still a long way to go for the market to be saturated. The fantasy sports market is all set to be a $33 billion markets in 2025.


What makes fantasy sports apps popular?


Fans of any game have always wanted to experience what it feels to be like in the game. They are emotionally attached to the game, the players, and the teams. When it comes to cricket, fans in India are quite passionate. Their passion is reflected in their knowledge about the sport, the intricacies, and the strengths and weaknesses of every player playing the game.


The knowledge and enthusiasm are so intense that you can casually observe people talking about what the next strategy will be for a captain of a particular team. However, all this expertise stays confined to social discussions.


Fantasy cricket applications give room for fans not only to exercise their knowledge in the game but also to win cash rewards from their knowledge. This helps fantasy sports apps like Dream11 capture a huge volume of audience and engagement.


Fantasy Cricket Software Development


As seen earlier, IPL 2020 is a perfect time for you to capitalize on the passion and craziness of the cricket fans in India. However, creating a fantasy sports application is not a simple deal. It involves putting together the legal aspects, the code, the design, and every other functional aspect of the app.


While it cannot be denied that it is quite a cumbersome task to create an app from scratch, using clones of Dream11 could be the most practical solution.


What are the benefits of using a Dream11 clone?


The first and foremost advantage brought about by clone apps is the cost-effectiveness. To build your own custom application from scratch, you will have to hire your own team of developers and designers. However, with already made white label solution, you can purchase the core utility of the app and spend your time and money only to customize the essential elements that reflect your brand.


Dream11 clone scripts ensure quicker turnaround time. Any entrepreneur would say that time is of vital importance when it comes to market success. With a quick turnaround time from your idea to the launch of the app, the probability of success is great. Dream11 has made people in India realize the potential of popularity and profit when it comes to fantasy cricket apps. To save time is to gain profits when it comes to mobile apps, and fantasy cricket is not an exception!


Clone scripts bring the advantage of flexibility. Since the code of the app is already available, you can make minor changes to the code to ensure that you get the feature that you want.


When you build your app from scratch, you always tend to start at a small level. This might put pressure on scaling up your app. However, when you purchase a clone of Dream11, it is quite possible that it is already built with the flexibility to scale.




There are a lot of providers in the market to build Dream11 clones. However, you will need to take into consideration factors like scalability and flexibility when choosing your Dream11 clone development partner. You should also consider factors like the track record and the trustworthiness of the development company.


We specialize in creating fantasy sports clone applications, and with respect to fantasy cricket apps, we are bound to clear the boundary. Should you have a requirement for a Dream11 clone, you can get in touch with our expert development team. They will gather your requirements and develop the perfect fantasy cricket up for you, so you can be the champion when it comes to the business of fantasy sports in India.

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